Admission Procedure



Admission Process 2021-22


Admission shall be made on the basis of Merit and Interview.    


Admission Criteria:-

Admissions are made as per instructions issued by directorate of technical education Jodhpur Rajasthan in month of June to August. Directorate of technical education publishes admission notification and admission brochure every year in month of May/June with detailed guideline, important dates. Admission seeking candidate has to deposited filled admission form along with required documents and prescribe fee on or before last date of admission for particular session. The principal has the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning any reason or explanation even though he/her is meeting all admission requirements.

Application form will be cancelled if the required documents or prescribed fee is not deposited. Principal has the right to cancel admission if any information given by the candidate found false. The candidate has to attend classes within three day after completion of admission process if he/she failed to do so his/her admission will be rejected.


 The Candidate should be mentally and physically fit and should meet the minimum physical standards required for working in the related industrial field. The Candidate should not be suffering from any infections of contagious disease, or any physical deficiency or deformity which makes him/her unsuitable for the trade he/she wishes to join.

Age Limit

The Candidate should have completed at least the age of 14 Years on 1st August of the Admission year.


Trade Name: - Electrician                                                                                  

 Duration- 2 Years                                                                                            

 Eligibility- Secondary Pass in 10+2 System with Science and Mathematics

Trade Name: - Mechanic Diesel*                                                                               

 Duration- 1 Year                                                                                            

 Eligibility- Secondary Pass in 10+2 System with Science and Mathematics

Trade Name: - Electronic Mechanic*           

 Duration- 2 Years                                                                                            

 Eligibility- Secondary Pass in 10+2 System with Science and Mathematics                                                                                                                                                                       

  How to Apply

 1.    Prospectus including Application Form is available at the Gurukul ITI campus Jaipur and can be bought by paying cash of 250.

 2.  Application Form can be downloaded from our website 


And Submit the application form along with required documents at Gurukul ITI admission counter.

 Document to be submitted with the admission form

1.    10th standard Mark sheet and 4 self attested Photocopies of same.

2.    Original Domicile Certificate and 4 self attested Photocopies of same.

3.    Original Cast Certificate and 4 self attested Photocopies of same.

4.    Latest Passport size 4 Photograph.

5.    4 self attested Photocopies of Aadhaar card.                                                                                                                                                                           


Rules for Grant of Scholarship:-

 The following guidelines will be observed while granting scholarship to the trainees:-

(a) Meritorious Students of State/CBSE

(i) For Boys. Any student having more than 90% marks in 10th examination will be allowed scholarship equivalent to 100% tuition fee. Those having marks between 80 to 90% in 10th examination will be allowed 30% of tuition fee as scholarship.

(ii) For Girls. Girl students who have obtained 65% and above marks in 10th examination will be allowed scholarship equivalent to full fee and 50% of the tuition fee if marks obtained are 55 to 65%.

(iii) Above scholarships will be allowed at the time of admission and continue for the first year only. For retention of the scholarships in the subsequent years, a boy student has to maintain a minimum 80% and girl should maintain minimum of 75% for next year. The whole process will be applicable year-wise only. If any trainee getting scholarship falls below the required percentage, he/she will not be entitled to this scholarship thereafter.

 Rules for Grant of Fee Concessions

(a) Wards of Freedom Fighters and Defense Personnel (Serving and Retired). 15% concession in tuition fees will be allowed to Son/Daughter of Armed Forces/ Para Military Forces. This fee concession will continue throughout the course.

(b) Brother/Sister of an Existing trainee of Gurukul:- 10% tuition fee concession will be allowed to a student whose brother/sister is already a student of Gurukul.

 (c) Institute Employees and their Wards. 10% concession in tuition fees will be allowed to self/spouse/son/daughter of Institute Employees. The provisions of this scholarship provisions may be reviewed by the Institute from time to time based on prevailing circumstances. This scholarship and fee concessions comes into effect with effect from August 2019 session.

 Disciplinary rules and regulations

1.  Any details and information given by the trainee, if found incorrect, can be rusticated from the institution.

2. The trainee will have to wear the prescribed standard uniform from the first day.

3. If the attendance and progress of the trainee is unsatisfactory, the use of mobile in the institute premises, the principal has the right to stop scholarship, to impose a fine of up to 500 rupees, to suspend or to rusticate from          the institution, for violation of the rules of the Institute.

4. It is mandatory for the trainees to wear the safety boot and fixed colour code uniform in the institute.

5. The trainee has to maintain discipline in the institute. In case of any indiscipline, the trainee can be suspended.

6. To attend the exam, 80% attendance in each subject is desirable. In the case of the absence of desired attendance, Directorate of Technical Education, Jodhpur can be denied the examination according to the rules.

7. It is forbidden to take mobile phones in the institute. Key pad mobile phone can be allowed by permission of principal only after written request of parents.

8. Mobile phone will be off at workplaces such as classroom, workshop, library, IT-lab, office, staff room, and mobile phone usage will be barred in any form.

9. It is also forbidden to use mobile phone as a calculator or to view time at workplaces in the classroom, workshop, library, IT-Lab, office, staff-room etc. (Calculator in the period of Workshop Calculation and Science, General      Calculator Lane is allowed.

10The trainees will be found using a mobile phone without permission, or will be found using mobile phones at classroom, workshop, library, IT-Lab, office, staff room etc. and disciplinary action will be taken against them and         mobile Will be confiscated, which will be handed over only on the arrival of the guardian and on the written assurance of not doing so.

11. The principal has the right to suspend the name from the institution if presence of the trainee is less from the lower level, if the progress is unsatisfactory and the violation of the rules of the institution. The re-admission of         trainees separated from the Institute will be in the same situation only if it is possible to complete the attendance before semester examination as per rules. At the lower level their presence in the semester exam, the                 trainee      will have to give an affidavit on the non-judicial stamp paper of 50 / if the attendance is bellow lower level in the future that he will complete his presence with necessary corrections in his presence and follow the        rules of the         institute and In the event of failure to do so, if he is deprived of the examination according to the rules, the entire responsibility will be of the trainee and guardian.

12. The fee will not be refundable in any case if the trainee has left the training incomplete due to any reason such as trainee's presence unsatisfactory, on the basis of indiscipline or in violation of the rules of the Institute.

13. In special circumstances, the trainees separated from the institution by the institution will be charged Rs 500 / — as a penalty for re-admission with the permission of the director of the Directorate of Technical Education.

14. The principal has right to suspend or terminate trainee if she/he kept absent for more than 10 days without prior permission.

15. It is prohibited to keep arms, explosives and other prohibited items in the institute premises. If this is found, the trainee will be rusticated from the institute without any information.

16. The Hindi and English will be official language for functions of the institute.

Address for Correspondence


Gurukul ITI

A-06, Manglam City, Kalwar Road, Jhotwara, Jaipur (302012),

Contact No. 9887442244


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